If you like sports, there are plenty of possibilities for water activities on the Lévézou lakes. The closest is the Lake Pareloup with one beach (Pareloup) 6km and another (Vernhes) 12 km away. Close to Vernhes you can try a tree-top adventure (acrobranche) or canyoning. There is a pleasant circuit of the Villefranche-de-Panat lake on foot or bicycle, in parts right above the water surface (20km away). But you can also try descending the famous Tarn Gorges, only about 2 hours drive! Or choose horse excursions in Salmiech.

Pareloup lake

Family entertainement includes visits to farms: the Vialaret farm with its angora rabbits, a snail farm in Flavin, the preparation of duck patés and foie gras in Arvieu, herbs and medicinal plants in St Laurent and many others. There are also zoos and animal parks (Le jardin des bêtes in Montrozier, the St Hubert park, Animal park in Pradinas), and of course Micropolis (St Léon) and Pastoralia (St Affrique). But you will certainly find very pleasant excursions close to the Moulin d’Angles as well.

the Devil’s Rock (Arvieu)
Peyrelevade (Salmiech)